Our Philosophy

We are Cambodian Architecture & Construction team. We believe that architecture shapes behaviour.


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Cambodian Architecture & Construction Co., Ltd. was formed in 1996 and was registered with The Commerce and The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction in 2009.

Architecture of Cambodia - Interior Design
Architecture of Cambodia - Exterior Design

Step up to the plate

Delivering high quality, effective and inspiring built space.

01. Archtectural Design

We cAc, provide services on Designing all types of building,

02. Survey works and Land Development Design

The use of precise measurement for

03. Interior Design

Connecting from out door working environment and living

04. Model making

From Study moel to finished model with various of materials,

05. Landscape Design and Build

We also provide Landscape design and supplies flowers

06. Furniture

Indoor and out door furniture’s are always the most

We are
problem solvers.

24 years of experience

Years Experience

Offering a complete and
integrated package to our clients.

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