01. Archtectural Design

We cAc, provide services on Designing all types of building, especialy building style.

We aim to serve people for better solution of using materials economically in the concept of green building which always accompany of modern style combine with cambodian / khmer style of living. Shape and form are commonly use to attract client tast of created spaces and usally functioning to all types of building.

Kompot Hotel and Spa

02. Survey works and Land Development Design

Base on our latest topography equipment (Total station) + GPS devise, we are assure that surveying works is more accurate and saving time to all projects.

The use of precise measurement for data survey of existing form of land and building are commonly need our service to ensure the correct data where we can design those sizes in CAD and also able converted to global coordination.

Survey works and Land Development Design

03. Interior Design

Connecting from out door working environment and living environment to indoor spaces are prime task for cAc to married them in architecture style + to comfort taste of client.

These pictures just to show some experience that we have done successfully during last few year.

Kompot Hotel and Spa - Interior Design

04. Model making

From Study moel to finished model with various of materials, we had explore to seek better solution of architecture by using shape, form and function to each spaces.

Kompot Hotel and Spa - Model Design

05. Landscape Design and Build

We also provide Landscape design and supplies flowers + build.

Landscape Design and Building

06. Furniture

Indoor and out door furniture’s are always the most comfortable feeling ever for the owner as our genious designer always know that.


Our Passion

We share our passion for design and are creative industry specialists.

Creating places that enhance the human experience.

Delivering architecture, planning, and design globally.

Creating Places